Health & Safety

At Crescent, we believe it is our responsibility to protect people & the environment as we conduct business. We have three uncompromising pursuits: exceptional technology, rigorous standards, & an unwavering commitment to best-practice safety procedures.

Crescent places a high importance on the health & safety of our employees and believe that it is an integral part of quality service. All Crescent employees go through an extensive training course and examination with PEC’s Safeland curriculum. We take safety reporting very seriously as detailed below with some of the reporting services we utilize.

Crescent Services utilizes HazardScout as the safety management system to assist with workplace safety, management and performance. HazardScout is a system designed to strategically ensure the integrity of employees, equipment and processes. Training management, reporting processes, resources accessibility, equipment management, on-boarding (mentorship) programs, and employee communications are managed with this program.

ISNetworld connects corporations with safe reliable contractors. ISN collects self-reported conformance information from contractors, verifies its accuracy, and then reports the results in an easy-to-follow format. Crescent Services reports health & safety data to ISN on a regular basis.

PEC Premier developed an online Standardized Safety Questionnaire (SSQ) for the oil and gas industry. PEC Premier took what was once a paper-copy questionnaire and built it into a world-class safety data collection and storage database. The SSQ provides a secure and easy to use gateway that Crescent utilizes to stay in compliance by reporting our safety data, and offers Operators a tool for contractor management. Using powerful reporting and scoring tools, the SSQ provides a wealth of knowledge to both Operators and Crescent for industry rankings, job bidding, and accident investigation.

Crescent utilizes DISA, Inc. for employment screening services. It is important to us to have all applicants drug and alcohol tested according to U.S. DOT standards as well as complete background checks. DISA also provides online OSHA training and ensures that all DOT regulations are being followed.

Crescent utilizes JJ Keller’s Driver Management Online (DMO) as a secure internet application to centralize and manage driver records, and standardize company-wide transportation safety and compliance. DMO has built-in checklists and real-time alerts of important driver information. This system lets us know at a glance what our compliance level is and what work needs to be done. Whether dealing with Driver Qualification, Alcohol and Drug testing, HOS, Accident Tracking, Training Recordkeeping, Driver Hiring and Recruitment, or Background Checks, Driver Management Online has the capabilities to streamline our driver management procedures to help maintain safety and compliance throughout our entire organization.



  • Working safely is an individual choice that each of us must be committed to make continuously without failure, and to collectively ensure it is upheld.

  • Maintain a confident attitude and uphold a level of accountability which demonstrates that health, safety, community and environmental responsibility come first in every aspect of our operation.

  • Safety, DOT and Company policies will be respectfully and thoroughly considered and feedback will be encouraged and responded to.


  • By preparing to work safely and upholding environmental integrity, we will mitigate or reduce the hazards in all activities before an activity is undertaken.

  • All employees are encouraged to openly, honestly and regularly discuss issues regarding to health, environment, safety goals and workplace hazards. Every worker has the right and obligation to stop a job if safety issues are not adequately addressed.


  • Maintaining a definitive focus on the health, safety and well-being of the employees, and to be intentional stewards of the community, environment and Company assets.


  • Abide by all applicable laws, governmental regulations and Company policies

  • An understanding that working safely, while protecting our environmental surroundings, is a condition of employment.

  • Duty of Report – Employees have an obligation to report all known violations of regulations and policies


  • Management will support employee development efforts and assist with developing priorities to improve all areas of HSE by providing training, welcoming input, supporting investigations and sharing lessons learned across the Company.


  • Incidents, near misses, observations and both known and anonymous concerns will be reported and investigated appropriately to determine cause, effect, supportive and/or preventive measures.

  • We will learn and improve from our observations and mistakes by openly communicating and seeking meaningful changes.